Thermal imaging monocular IRay E6 Plus V3

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Thermal imaging monocular

Eye II Series V3

The Eye Ⅱ Series V3 is a powerful, compact and cost-effective thermal imaging monocular that uses

12Um 640 * 512 thermal imaging sensor with 25mK NETD and high-definition OLED display, combined with innovative thermal imaging enhancement and multifunctional functions, gives you tremendous technical superiority and thermal imaging experience.

Better sensor, clearer picture!

12 μm temperature sensor with NETD ≤ 25 mK (at 25 ° C, F # = 1.0)

Series V3 is equipped with a high-performance 12μm 640 * 512 high-resolution InfiRay ceramic encapsulated sensor with NETD ≤25mK (25 ° C, F # = 1.0), which is lighter, with less power consumption, provides perfect detailed recognition even in the most difficult weather conditions with low thermal contrast ...

High Image Quality

The Series Eye Ⅱ V3 offers technical superiority in thermal imaging with rich detail, making it much easier to find targets in the dark. Series Eye Ⅱ has excellent performance over the temperature range.

Built-in Ultra Clear Mode

InfiRay's built-in ultra-crisp thermal technology consists of software algorithms designed for inclement weather conditions such as rainy, snowy, foggy days, etc., to enhance thermal image clarity and overall detail. Ultrapure mode can provide a more detailed field of view and enhanced object identification capabilities.

High contrast HD OLED micro display

With a built-in high contrast OLED display with a resolution of 1024 * 768, the series Eye II V3 offers better color reproduction and faster response speed, can display clearer images and more vivid colors in the image.

Shade choices

To better meet the different visual needs of users, the products offer users two shade options: C (cool) shade and W (warm) shade.

Under the cool tint, users can experience a visually clearer image quality with rich detail and target emphasis.

Under a warm shade, users can experience a softer image while avoiding visual fatigue caused by prolonged viewing.

Long detection range up to 2597 meters

Combined with a powerful lens (E6 + V3: 35mm / F1.0 VS E6Pro V3: 50mm / F1.2) with a highly sensitive 640x480 thermal imaging sensor @ 12μm, the Series Eye II V3 provides exceptional detection capabilities. Depending on the model, the Series V3 is capable of detecting a medium-sized target with an overcoat at a maximum range of 2597 meters in total darkness.

Picture-in-Picture Features

The Eye II V3's built-in Picture-in-Picture enhances accuracy by providing a 2x magnified view of the target area at the top of the display. This helps users zoom in on targets while keeping the rest of the field of view visible.

5 Practical Color Palettes

There are 5 color palettes, besides the usual “white warm”, “black warm”, “red warm” and “color”, we have developed a palette “highlight warm target”. In this palette, users can easily find the target due to the high contrast between background and target. Automatically track the warmest spot in the scene and quickly locate the target.

Built-in video recorder and Wi-Fi connection

32GB of built-in memory in the monocular for storing captured still images and video recording, as well as a Wi-Fi module that allows you to connect 4 devices at the same time.

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